Ballah is a diverse product that can be worn by anyone for any occasion or event. This fashion line carries a strong message; be productive in all that you do. We are international, no one is exempt from our fashion forward styles. Furthermore, while shopping our brand you decide if your desired look is classy, hip hop (urban), or sporty. The bottom line, when you look good you feel good, when you feel good you succeed. With our extensive clothing and footwear lines, we provide you with the tools to exhibit the depth of the attitude you want to convey.


This vision of perfection comes from, Boss Man, the founder of Ballah fashions. He specializes in the ‘urban lifestyle,’ and spares no expense to utilize the highest quality fabrics for garments and footwear. Making these items assessible to all is what makes Ballah fashions unique. Boss Man understands that you only have one chance to make a first impression, he wants to go beyond the look, and do what no company has done before; reflect the spirit. Since this work and vision come directly from his heart, he is sure that this labor of love will be reflected upon you. In addition, Boss Man is an accomplished music producer, writer, lyricist and founder of Ballah Records. He believes that life is to be lived fully, and once a goal is reached, find another to pursue and master it. He also believes in paying it forward, and mentors up and coming musicians as well.


A Ballah is someone striving for excellence and respects the force that created us and knows he/she has a purpose in life.


It’s your time to shine with our clothing line. Be confident with the brand that cares, Ballah.